Hello, I am Robin Wenglewski, a Web Application Developer from Hamburg. I build and optimize Web Applications, nowadays often using RxJS, AngularJS 2, Node.js and Docker.

Currently, I am working primarily on:

  • FoxVision ( ) - web application for managing personal finances
  • OTC (T-Systems) - web application for tracking orders and invoices

In my work, I pay attention to:

  • proper requirement engineering: When I get an early understanding of the goals and requirements of my clients, I can not only deliver stable software, but also the right kind of software.
  • agile process: Rome was not build on one day. The same is true for complex web applications. I prefer building web applications step by step and therefore releasing early and often. This makes my work easier and more stable while at the same time allowing my clients gather & give feedback early on.
  • choosing the right technology stack, and utilizing it
  • team communication and distributing knowledge: For me, one of the key benefits of using an agile developement process is that it encourages team communication. This is important in so many ways: It distributes knowledge, motivates and helps building a team with a unified goal.
  • keeping complexity low: I believe that high complexity is often a sign of bad requirements or bad solutions.

Thank you for coming to this place. I hope you will enjoy the content provided here.

Contact me

Mail: robin@wenglewski.de
Mobile: +49 160 29 64 242
Threema: 3Z64HHJA
Skype: robin.wenglewski

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