Hello, I am Robin Wenglewski. I am a Software Engineer with a strong business perspective from Hamburg. Here is what I do:

  • I lead the development of web applications in a cost-efficient way by
    • talking to the client to evaluate what features he really needs for the next version
    • choosing a fitting software architecture for the requirements
    • keeping complexity and technical dept low
    • implementing agile processes that ensure flexibility, efficiency and team communication
    • reducing risks by distributing knowledge, testing key components and by keeping development cycles small
  • I coach teams on modern software development tools to
    • reduce their learning time
    • help them utilize these tools in the most effective way
  • I defuse technical emergency situation

Thank you for coming to this place. I hope you will enjoy the content provided here.

Robin Wenglewski

Contact me

Mail: robin@wenglewski.de
Mobile: +49 173 46 981 64
Skype: robin.wenglewski

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