Hello, I am Robin Wenglewski. I am Web-App consultant based in Hamburg. This website contains information about me, my projects and everything else I consider worth sharing.

What I do

  • I help you decide which technologies to use
  • I help you with your software's architecture
  • I help you with your software's infrastructure
  • I help you to deliver by getting to know the requirements and staying focused
  • I help you bring in technical staff
  • I help you setup / improve development processes regarding
    • Testing
    • Code Reviews
    • SCM Systems
    • Releases
    • Continuous Integration
    • Scrum and Kanban
  • I help you communicate with your customers and stakeholders
  • I program for you

Contact me

Mail: robin@wenglewski.de
Mobile: +49 173 46 981 64
Skype: robin.wenglewski

You can also find me on other websites, including

Thank you for coming to this place. I hope you will enjoy the content provided here.

Robin Wenglewski